Root-Knot Nematode

All Maui Coffee Association members need to be aware of the serious problem the Kona coffee root-knot nematode poses to Maui coffee. Currently this devastating blight has not been detected on our island.

Do NOT import volunteer seedlings, commonly called pulapula from The Big Island.

Big Island coffee seedlings can be purchased from certified nurseries that grow them on elevated benches using sterile media.

Do NOT import any coffee planting stock that has not been inspected by The Hawaii Department of Agriculture. Before shipping contact the HDOA Hilo office at 808-974-4141 or the Kona office at 808-326-1077 for inspection.

If you have already imported coffee seedlings from The Big Island and suspect they may contain the Kona root-knot nematode notify the CTAHR Cooperative Extension office on Maui at 808-244-3242. They can assist you with field-testing.

Make sure boots and other footwear are free of dirt after visiting farms on The Big Island.

Nematodes do not travel themselves...they move when someone digs up or somehow spreads infested soil or plants and inadvertently relocates the pest nematode. They then spread to healthy plants and can ruin an orchard. The infested trees may not appear affected right away. The "Kona Wilt" that is a symptom shows up after the damage has already been done.

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